Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Name Seires


Organic - OO

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Hero!!

My heroes are some soccer players, because everytime i'm really exciting to watch soccer game. I really like some clubs in England and Spain. When i see those clubs game, then my feeling is really good, because most of them have really soccer skills, and show really fancy matches to me. When they got a ball, they through some players of opposite teams. However, when they are shooting, that make me really strained, and make to focuse on only soccer. When they make some goals, that make me really happy, but other sports cannot feel those feelings. In the match, any teams get some corner kicks, and some player is try to raise ball and other players try to catch that ball and shoot it. That is most strained and exciting time for me, because corner kick is most best chance to get goals, and any team can get corner kick easier than free kick. So i become really high tension during corner kick, and wonder to make some goals. So when i watch the soccer game, my feelings are really happy, exciting and strained. All of those feellings i have it during soccer game, and most of players looks like hero for me. Their plays and skills look really fancy. Everytime, their plays give really good impression to me. So they are hero of my life. I never like other sports, but i like only soccer.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In my dream, some people tried to catch me, and i run away from him. I was staying inside of school, but no one was in the school. I was walked around inside of school, some people was come to school, and follow me. They started run for catch me, and then i ran really hard. I walked down stairs, and they came really closer to me, so i was jumped some stairs, and started to run again. They spoke something to me, but i cannot hear what they were saying it, but when i went to down stairs, they did surround me at a distance, so i cannot go anywhere, because they were stayed in front and behind me, and it was just hallway. When i dream this part, i just woke up and i cannot see what happen to me. It is my interesting dream, when i dream at younger age. I could not see either who were they or their faces.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Most scary thing.....

My scary stuff was that give really strong imagine and never forget in my memory. I watched the Juon when I was in elementary school, but I never forget about that movie. That made me really scary, because their skin color and acts were really scary, for example woman was has really white skin color and came down stairs like lied down and move down really fast, it was really scary scene. When I saw other scary movie, I can remember during long time, but Ju-on(grudge) I cannot forget about this movie. Thats why it is most scary thing to me. Juon was much scary than any other horror movie.The first picture is representing the Toshio. Toshio is one of main character of Ju-on, and sometimes he made me scary, but not every time. Next picture, i cannot forget about this picture, because this picture close up and show whole screen only this face. so this made surprised other people, and appeared really strong imagine. However, this picture is much scary than any other and most strong imagine. Those two scenes gave strong impression to me. So it will not be erase in my momery.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

In Chicago

When i was 15 years old, i went to Chicago with my friend, i took this picture in downtown of Chicago. I went Chicago for my friends Japanese speech, but after speech we hung out together, and visit a lot of places, kinds of restaurants, and famous places. I went to there with 5 friends, and we stayed there 3days. This picture we went to the park in the downtown, and friends took picture for me. We walked downtown, and went to shopping, but weather was really bad, it was windy, so we could not go straight, because windy was disturb people. However, it was really good trip for me and my friends, because we enjoyed whole trip, and My frinds and I had really great time to see Chicago, and we had really good time everyday, during the day we walked around and visit the place, and when we came back hotel, we sat around and talked to each other. When we started to talk, we spend time more than 4hours, so everyday we slept during midnight. I thought it was really good and one of best trip ever my life.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My life of middle school with my friends

When i was in middle school, i hung out a lot of times with my friends. Almost everyday, we met together, and then watch movies or just walk around or shopping. Almost of my friends like to hang out with other friends. So sometimes we met during the nights, and went to river for fireworks. My friends and I gather money together, and then we buy the firecrackers. We play that nearby river. Sometimes during summer breaks, i traveled with my friends. I spent a lot of time with my friends during middle school, and my friends and i went to U.S.A together end of the middle school.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In Hong Kong!!

I went to Hong Kong when I was 14 years old with my family. Not all of my family could go together, but it was a really fun trip. Our family spent time every day together, and we went shopping. We had one special events for mom, because my mom's birthday was during the trip, so my father, sisters, and i had a surprise party for mom. We watched a lot of shows, and we went to a lot of different places and then visited stores nearby the places, and we looked at everything. Kinds of traditional or famous in those areas. So we had really great time, and the trip did not make our family tired, and all of our family enjoyed the Hong Kong trip. We hung out in a lot of difference places, kind of beaches, famous roads and night markets. When we go to night markets, then we tried to eat their traditional teas and foods. We went to the beach nearby the night markets, so we went there next day. The bottom picture is that my family took picture for me nearby beach. These beach is looked really nice, but when we went there, it was raining, so we cannot go to infront of the sea, but we can se other places nearby beach, and worked seaside.My family and I spent really good time during Hong Kong trip.