Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Hero!!

My heroes are some soccer players, because everytime i'm really exciting to watch soccer game. I really like some clubs in England and Spain. When i see those clubs game, then my feeling is really good, because most of them have really soccer skills, and show really fancy matches to me. When they got a ball, they through some players of opposite teams. However, when they are shooting, that make me really strained, and make to focuse on only soccer. When they make some goals, that make me really happy, but other sports cannot feel those feelings. In the match, any teams get some corner kicks, and some player is try to raise ball and other players try to catch that ball and shoot it. That is most strained and exciting time for me, because corner kick is most best chance to get goals, and any team can get corner kick easier than free kick. So i become really high tension during corner kick, and wonder to make some goals. So when i watch the soccer game, my feelings are really happy, exciting and strained. All of those feellings i have it during soccer game, and most of players looks like hero for me. Their plays and skills look really fancy. Everytime, their plays give really good impression to me. So they are hero of my life. I never like other sports, but i like only soccer.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In my dream, some people tried to catch me, and i run away from him. I was staying inside of school, but no one was in the school. I was walked around inside of school, some people was come to school, and follow me. They started run for catch me, and then i ran really hard. I walked down stairs, and they came really closer to me, so i was jumped some stairs, and started to run again. They spoke something to me, but i cannot hear what they were saying it, but when i went to down stairs, they did surround me at a distance, so i cannot go anywhere, because they were stayed in front and behind me, and it was just hallway. When i dream this part, i just woke up and i cannot see what happen to me. It is my interesting dream, when i dream at younger age. I could not see either who were they or their faces.