Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Reid likes creepy and scary photos, so most of his photos look like creepy and scary. He has very good editing skills. He can use just normal portraits to create several creepy and scary pictures. His editing style is very unique and interesting.

Carlos uses a lot of objects to make his own style of photos, but those objects are common and also unique. He has very interesting style. Most of his photos seem very dark. He use strong colors to represent his style, but he is great photographer to make a series. He can create several series to use same pictures. Maddi creates comincs to use her photos, those are very intersting and funny, and i can see she enjoys to take photos and creates her own comics. And she is really good at creating stories, and she can match the stories and pictures really well. She is very creative photographer.
Sacha uses specific object every day when she takes photos. She sets up those object in interesting way, and creates new ways of photos. She is really creative artists. She also capture specific parts of object, but after she edits the pictures. It looks totally different. And also her photos have really good color and compositions.Carly has very good sense of collage art, and she is also good at to create the series, and her photos done by professional skills and also have really good compositions. She can capture very clear and beautiful images. Steph made a lot of collage arts, and her photos have great flowing and connections between each photos, and she also creates unique style of collage. She uses everything like body parts, sky, tree, and some specific objects. She uses those photos to create really cool collage photos.
Her photos are amazing! Jessica took a lot of portraits, and she made perfect portrait picture. Most of her portraits looks like Avedon, So she captured real moments at school. She never captured fake motions. Most of her photos like natural emotions and motions. She took natural beuaty of real life. Keely takes every pictures. She takes portraits, street photos and specific objects, but she used zoom and she closes up the object and capture the specific parts of objects. She likes to take the natural object with close up. Welcome to Drew and photography Isaac!!!