Monday, May 17, 2010


Zoe has very distictive style, because she made a lot of series and conversation photos. Each pictures has own meaning, and it connnect with next picture. Zoe is very good street photographer, because she can put specific meaning in one picture. Every her pictures have their own meaning, and her skills made it better picture. And she can make good picture with only natural light. And also she has very good eye to use of props.
I chose this two picture, because both pictures have pretty good contrast of light and representing Zoe's style. First picture has very good mood, and contrast i s very good, and fog make it more interesting. Second picture has very good angle and shape of building and tree. This picture's color is pretty good, and building has a lot of specific patterns that makes better picture. I really like those two pictures.


Griffin has amazing skills. He took a lot of different type of pictures. He took foods pictures, landscape and animals. Most of his pictures are about one of those theme. His picture are very cohesive, creativity and stunning.
I chose these two picture, because first picture seems very good contrast of light. It seems very delicious. And also it has very good order and arrangement. Second picture has very good contrast and nice background. This picture also has very good editing. I think this one is best picture of Griffin.


Mara has pretty good skills. She can take photos with several different way. She can represent both bright and gloomy. It's very hard technique, because most of my pictures express depression and gloomy. She works with portraits, landscape and street photography. Especially she is good at portrait and landscape. She has very good eye, because most of time she use only natural light, but she can represent everything without a lot of editing. That means she has pretty good skills, and she can catch specific part of location that fit into her style.
I chose these two pictures, because both pictures represent brightness and gloomy. Both pictures have opposite theme, i think both pictures were best works of Mara.


Most of Benny's pictures are in color, but those are very beautiful. Most of his pictures are landscape and flowers. He represent those pictures with very good color and brightness. All of major theme of his pictures are nature. He has pretty good skills representing nature with beuatiful angle.

I pick some of good pictures from all of his works. Benny usually used macro setting, and both pictures are also took with macro. Both pictures represent prett good, because both pictures seem like real nature. Everytime he chose pretty good location for his photography style. I felt that he improved his shooting skills, because his picture seems more natural than last year.

-Review 2-

Colin Blakely: Somewhere in Middle America
Colin Blakely received BA from Williams College in 1995, and MFA in phtography from the University of New Mexico in 2001. He appeared both solo and group exhibition. Most of his pictures are black and white. He photographed some landscapes and one object with good frame and angle.
In this portfolio, he didn't use too many objects. He used chairs, table, balloons and dog. My favorite picture is dog that picture with dog. My picture and that picture are very similar, because this picture represents loneliness. Dog and background are matching pretty good. This picture doesn't have specific order, but location and environment.

-Aperture Review-

Alejandro Cartagena: Lost Rivers
She represented all ot pictures. I think those pictures matched with the title(Lost Rivers). Concepts of her pictures are very classical, and it also has very good color, brightnesss and contrast. Some of those pictures seem like ancient land. In her picture, she used old structure, dam and parched river. My favorite picture is first picture, because it seems very nice, and place and structure are harmonizing in order and contrast of light. This picture has lots of sections, we can separate this picture with several sections. It has pretty good order, and contrast of light is not too bright or dark. This picture is stunning.

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